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The Mediation Process

1. ORIENTATION - During the orientation, you have the opportunity to meet your mediator, describe your problems, decide on the issues, and give your mediator some preliminary information.

2. AGREEMENT TO MEDIATE - After a decision has been reached to mediate,  you sign an agreement. This agreement defines your intent and the costs involved in your mediation process.

3. MEDIATION SESSIONS - The number of sessions required to mediate varies with the individual situations. The mediator will work with you to resolve your issues and reach agreements in the most cost-effective and efficient manner. 

4. WRITTEN AGREEMENT - The mediator will prepare a MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT for you, specifying the terms of your agreement. 

5. LEGAL CONSULTATION - If you have not already spoken with an attorney, you will be advised to do so before finalizing your divorce process. 

No matter what procedure you use, separation and divorce are never easy. But, by using a mediator you can maintain personal control over the decisions that will affect you for the rest of your life.

Mediation Process: Services
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